Friday, 6 February 2015

Windsor Lookbook Spring/Summer 2015


A tendency by getting older which I consistently realize about myself,
is the fact that I really pay attention to high quality of garments than ever before.
I remember five years ago when I bought tons of clothes just because I thought I need this huge variety.
In reality that was a big fail. At some point I was more and more overcharged by all these pieces and
I´ve decided to reduce my wardrobe to the absolute essentials. In conclusion I also
decided to buy more timeless pieces, which are going to stay for a while and to buy high quality.
This works pretty fine and I´m satisfied more than ever before with my wardrobe.
I think this awareness grows at a certain age, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.
German brand Windsor. combines the pursuit of high-quality with accuracy of fit and a classic,
timeless design with a sense of contemporary aesthetics. My favorite look from the Spring/Summer
Lookbook is the bright yellow blouse combined with a brown suede a-line skirt.
They really convince with their range of leather goods, which are all really pretty and timeless.
More modern pieces like snake-printed trousers, all white looks and bold colour highlights
giving the collection a quite modern impact as well.
Check out the whole range on www.windsor.de.

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