Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter time is Turtleneck time

pictures taken by myself

A couple of years ago I couldn´t imagine in the least wearing turtleneck sweaters.
Too many bad memories from the past but in the last few years I came to appreciate these once spurned pieces. 
Now, I cannot imagine a better companion during this freezing time. 
When I don´t know what to wear and I feel like cuddling up I always reach for one of my turtlenecks.
Meanwhile I´ve collected a small but mighty selection of multicombinable turtlenecks.

From the bottom up:
Black Cos (available in stores now. men section) / Blue Cos (last year) / Grey Weekday (last year, men section) / 
Grey melange Cos (last year) / Beige melange Zara (available in stores now)

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