Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Louis Vitton ´Series 1´


For Nicolas Ghesquère´s debut campaign for Louis Vitton he not only hired one but three world-renowned photographer -
Juergen Teller, Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber.
Each of these three iconic photographers produced their really own story with different protagonists like
Liya Kedebe, Kirsten Liljegren, Freya Beha and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Each series was shot on the same day but on different places. 
Nicolas himself: ´Only they could rise to the challenge of being brought face-to-face with another, and ultimately
combined to create a single story, because their visual expression is so powerful that it goes beyond all forms of
classification or definition.´ 
Fashion combined with real photography and real talents and this is the result of this unprecedented purpose.
I´m curios about the following series!

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