Friday, 25 July 2014

Home Story Part I

Some of you might remember my promise some weeks ago to show you the results of our movement.
I finally got it to take pictures of our almost finished apartment. 
In the first part you can get an impression of our living room, which is the room we are using a lot. 
It´s a total different feeling having a separate sleep and living area. 
Next week there´ll follow pictures from the rest of the apartment. 
So stay tuned!

Retrospectively, I must say, I´m still happy to having done this decision 
to move from my tiny but lovely Prenzlauer Berg apartment to our new apartment in Neukölln. 
Even if it lasted some weeks till I´m habituated to the new area, t
he apartment compensate it with its largesse compared to the old one.
After some really hard working weeks it´s almost finished now and 
there are just some small corners which are in need of improvement yet.
I´m fortunate that the biggest part is done and it´s time to relax.

Hope you like it!


  1. Welche Größe hat denn der Hay Tray Table? :-) Möchte mir auch einen kaufen, bin aber bezüglich der Größe unentschieden.

    1. Wir haben uns für die größere Variante (60x60 cm) entschieden und ich muss sagen es war wirklich die richtige Entscheidung. Er ist als Couchtisch wirklich perfekt. Viel Platz für alle möglichen Dinge und eine schöne Höhe. Go for it!