Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New in: Sale

Look what found the way into my arms.
My pride and joy: my brand new Acne sunnies.
Spotted on Sale, didn´t hesitated and bought. I can´t wait
 till the first sunbeams coming around and it´s time to wear them in public. 
Aren´t they amazing??
But they are not the only thing which I bought on sale.
One stop at Cos and my shopping bag was full. You might be surprised by this touch of colour.
Usually, I keep distance of this kind of colour but the sweater got me such a good feeling
 while wearing it that I decided to break my rules and bought this pink-red sweater.
The skirt was just one more thing I couldn´t resist. 
Midi-lenght with a quite feminine touch, a good spring companion.
All these treasure I bought on sale, though that my guilty consciences are not that big. 


  1. even for sale-findings they are great! the sunnies are something that will lasst for a couple of seasons (maybe years?) and the sweater looks so bright and happy, it will give you the right amount of happy-go-lucky in these cold days :) and since soring is (hopefully) approaching the skirt is worth the investment ;)

    1. Sarah, that's so true! Still so happy with my new treasures (: