Thursday, 9 January 2014

Acne Sale Picks

Acne finally started their Sale session on acnestudios.com.
That means a long-lasting dream could become true.
The prices are still high but more affordable that before
and the one or other treasure could finally become mine.
My preselection contains pink-framed sunnies, a silk scarf, these amazing white! boots
( I´d never thought about buying white boots till now),
a grey overlap skirt and a black one and tailored blue trousers.
I apprehend that I must choose one of this beauties.
On the top of my list are the boots but at the same time
I could imagine buying the sunnies I wanted to buy for such a long time now;
or whether skirt or pants?
I´m absolutely uncertain and not able to make a decision.
Please help!

Sunnies / Scarf / Boots / Skirt grey / Skirt black / Pants 

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