Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What I would like wearing today

picture via www.theline.com

This is the perfect outfit for a normal day of work and study.
It´s simple and chic, exactly how I like it.
To complete it I would combine this cozy grey winter coat with a belt on the hip.
Indeed, the sandals are not the best choice for the weather but I thought in my imagination all is possible
and in an editorial of Vogue or Elle Magazine it would be definitely work.

I searched the pieces on a low budget on the left side and on a high budget on the right side.
The labels of the high-priced pieces I didn´t know before
but the quality is a total difference compared to the low budget pieces.
Therefore I´ve chosen to show you both versions today.
Which is you favorite?

High budget: Top Protagonist / Trousers Pallas (both via www.theline.com)
Low budget: Top Zara / Trousers Cos / Sandals Vagabond / Coat Zara

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