Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wanted: Agenda for 2014 by julie joliat

You already found the perfect calender for 2014?
If so, that throw it away and if not, better yet, than order one or two of this cool ´For a better year´ agenda from Julie Joliat.
But, pay attention, it´s limited on 400 pieces and now available on www.joliat.net.
And if you order two or more you get 10 percent off, so just order one for your sister or mother or your best friend.
Everyone needs such an exciting agenda.

The creator Julie Joliat describes her calender thusly:
´Using this agenda, you will explore the world in a different way. Every week reveals a fresh tip or challenge for you
to spice up the year. Go to a place you usually avoid, take a day off and do nothing, make your own walnut bread,
change the layout of your room/home, …´

Hurry up! Just 94 pieces left.

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