Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Gentlewoman: Tilda Swinton

pictures via thegentlewoman.co.uk

Next in my series Gentlewoman is one of the most beautiful actress; Tilda Swinton.
Her look is so individual and unique, 
and also fairylike at the same time, like she would come from a different planet. 
In movies like The Chronicles of Narnia or We Need to Talk About Kevin we could admire
her natural beautifulness and at the same time her unquestionable talent in acting.
She provokes always this silent fascination in me.
The pictures above reflecting exactly this feelings, I just described.
She is one of the people I would definitely rank among my small list of idols, I have.

Photographies by Benjamin ALexander Huseby / Styling by Jonathan Kaye

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