Monday, 18 November 2013

Fashionchick Competition: My Amsterdam Fashionweek Outfit

You might be surprised that I´m planning an outfit option
so long in advance but there is a good reason for that.

The platform www.fashionchick.de started an exciting 
competition for Bloggers and makes it possible for one of them to be part of
next years Amsterdam Fashionweek.
This chance I definitely won´t to miss and
here is my perfect Outfit for next season Amsterdam Fashionweek.

As you know me, I like to dress not to fancy but always with a sense of style.
It should be a simple combination of unique and classic pieces to a modern comfort look.
The most important thing, you have to think of while choosing a Fashionweek Outfit is the comfortableness.
When you don´t feel good or disguised than you can´t enjoy these great events and impressions.
Therefore I always strive to find a look, which reflects me and my character
but is trendy and unique at the same time.

I´ve chosen an accomplished combination of things I like:
1 cozy blue sweater from Acne Studios
2 forgotten for a long time but slowly on the march back black trousers with a skirt overlay from Cos.
3 for the perfect layering look combined with a simple overlong white blouse from Zara.
4 also important for this fashion marathon, comfort footwear.
I´ve chosen the pair from Cos because of their broader, anti-slip rubber sole and this exciting material mix.
A tiny eye catcher, which doesn´t divert from the whole outfit idea.
5 To stay warm I would wear this super cozy leather coat from Acne, which has these cool fury details.
6 Not to forget a nice pair of gloves. This time made from finest cashmere.
That also keep your hands warm while keep photographies in front of the shows. Available at Cos.
7 Even if I´m not the kind of girl, who wears a lot of jewelery, this modest piece of jewelery from Cos
would be a nice complement to my look.
8 Last but not least, always present, a cool but also practical bag for all my needed things.
That one from Balenciaga would fit perfectly to the colour of my Acne sweater.

Blue is my absolutely trend colour of this winter season, that´s why
this combination of different blue shades would be my chosen Outfit for the AFW.

I´m never anxious to catch somebodies attention with my outfits,
that´s not my aim. I´m always dressing for myself.
But anyway, it´s always a good experience to recognize,
that someone likes what you wear and how you´ve styled yourself.

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