Thursday, 17 October 2013

On my Wishlist: Winter Booties

I don´t know how I came through the cold winter last year without a warm winter bootie.
For that reason I definitely must buy a warm and timeless winter shoe, that last for the next few winters.
Preferable, I would choose the Acne Pistol Boot ( down middle) with fur inside, 
because it would really keep me warm and  it look also fantastic. 
Unfortunately, the price exceeds my means with 490€.
Definitely, a justified price for the quality but too much for a simple student budget. 
Topshop (down left) also designed a similar pistol boot for only 100€.
Also Vagabond (down right) offers a similar one made from leather and
with 100€ also much cheaper, even if the differences are obvious. 
But when you haven´t got the money you must make compromises.
The upper examples are both from Cos and with 150€/175€ also achievable.
I´m not sure if it´s a good idea to wear small heels all winter long.
For that reason I would like to try this blue Chelsea Boot on the left side. 
The black ones came across with a simple design with refined details and could also a nice option.

Regretfully, all of them don´t measure up to Acne Pistol Boots,
which keep warm and convinces in a perfect timeless Design. 
I must stop dreaming.
What would you recommend?
Did you already found a perfect pair of warm winter boots?

From upper left corner to bottom right corner:

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