Thursday, 10 October 2013

On my Wishlist: &Other Stories Boots

During my trip to Paris I tried these beautiful leather booties from &Other Stories.
My pair was a little bit more asphalt green, as I would describe it but I didn´t found it on their Website
but I think this pair must be that one!
They really looked perfect; the colour was amazing and it also fitted well to my outfit.
Only thing that bars me from buying them was the heel. 
I´m generally not the girl, who wears heels and even in winter time I think,
there is nothing more unpractical than wearing heels.
The price was good but I didn´t wanted to spend money for something that could break my neck
while sliding through the snowy streets. 
I could imagine wearing them now in autumn season but I know,
I wouldn´t wear them often and that´s why I unfortunately let them leave in store.
Still dreaming of them now.
Would you advise me to buy them or not?

Shop them here

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