Friday, 4 October 2013

New in: Woolen Coat

I´m so happy about my new woolen coat from Cos.
I already saw it when I took a look at the new Cos Campaign some months ago but
didn´t recognized how beautiful it was.
This Wednesday during my small shopping trip in Paris, I also stopped at Cos,
like usual and saw that grey beauty hanging there.
Also then, I wasn´t so convinced about it´s prettiness but thought about trying it,
because I searched for a perfect bright winter coat for a long term.
The result: Love at the first try.
The shape of this coat paired with it´s beautiful colour and that cozy material was perfect at all.
The one and only problem was, that this piece was only available in size M and the Store,
was the only one, who stocked this coat.
After a while, I decided to take it anyway. A little bit oversized with roll-up sleeves and it´s perfect anyway.
The seller also told me that the coat only arrives one time in store and when it´s sold out,
they never come again and I´m also not sure if they will be available in their web store.
So, if you find this amazing coat, just try it and fell in love with it.
It´s (just) 125€ and cheap for Cos conditions.
Outfit posts coming soon, it won´t take a lot of time, I would like to wear it
everyday but ´unfortunately´ it´s to warm in Paris at the moment.

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