Wednesday, 23 October 2013

German Press Days: Agency V, On Time PR

Agency V
Stine Goya SS14 Collection
Printed Denim Dress by Stine Goya
Suede ensemble by Hien Le
Unique Designs by Henrik Vibskov
Minimarket SS14 Collection
Minimarket Shoe Collection
Jewelery by Vibe Harslof
Jewelery by Maria Black
Sunglasses Designs by Mykita Berlin
Vest by Weekday
Design by Hay
Shoe Collection from Vagabond SS14

Last point on my list was On Time PR but before I visitied the lovely Agency V in the top floor of an old industry loft.
They maintain also one of the best selection of brands just like Henrik Vibskov, Hien Le,
Weekday, Vibe Harslof, Maria Black, Stine Goya, Ganni up to Minimarket.
Highlight also of both days was the Collection of german young Designer Hien Le. 
Still on the runway his Collection didn´t convinced, in real the pieces are just amazing!
The suede ensemble in light green-grey consisting of a short and bomber jacket was absolutely awesome.
Stine Goya remains feminine and playful like before but let it never become boring.
With her pastel coloured Collection of abricot, grey and cream you can definitely look like a modern fairy in a big city.
Especially the formfitting printed denim dress, perfected by gold buttons was my favorite of her SS14 Collection.
Also Minimarket coped with bowl me over with their flower print and minimalistic Designs.
You know, I´m not a big fan of prints but these flowers are so unobtrusive that they even convinced me.
The suiting shoes would be perfect for a matchy Look.
Henrik Vobskov shoe Designs on the other side are really unique like his whole Collection.
Colourful, printful and crazy cuts.
The assortment goes on and also involves jewelery designs of Vibe Harslof and Maria Black.
Known for their filigreed and special creations.
My favorite, if I should have one, is Vibe. 
Her delicate pieces of jewelery follows a different tack and bring out a total different view of ways to wear jewelery.
I love her unconventional creativity.
Mykita Berlin designs sunglasses and is also really good in it. 
Their shapes are unique and modern also the colours and materials.
For next summer I´ll definitely keep watching for one of their models.
Weekday is also one of the brands Agency V is presenting.
The Scandinavian brand comes along with a new unisex Collection called S/HE and
also hold ready some cool designs at affordable prices. 
Agency V showed us a huge range of new summer pieces but it was not the really last pint on my list.
On Time PR made the end and surprised with a cool new chair design from the danish brand Hay.
The surface is made from soft leather in contrast to the delicate metal under frame. 
 Vagabonds sandal collection makes a successful conclusion and
offers a wide range of nice alternatives to Birkenstock sandals from this year.

I think a promising perspective for next Spring/Summer.
Let me dream more and more of the warm season. 

all pictures taken by my,
please ask before using.

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