Monday, 21 October 2013

German Press Days: Agency Arne Eberle

Collection of Isabell de Hillerin
Coat from Isabell de Hillerin
Straw hat from Perret Schaad
Perret Schaad SS14 Collection
Blue ensemble by Perret Schaad
Designs of Reality Studio
Shoes from Reality Studio
Swiss Men´s Label Julian Zigerli
Jewelery by Boessert/Schorn
Shorts from knit Label Maiami
Agency Arne Eberle

Thursday and Friday of the last week German Press Days took place in Berlin and
all fashion people were on the road to check out the Spring/Summer Collections, which will hit the stores next season.
This time I was also involved in, walked through the whole city and paid a visit on carefully picked agencies.
In the next few days I´ll show you my favorite pieces and highlights of next seasons collections.

Thursday, I´ve started with Agency Arne Eberle, which is located in a retro furnished retail shop in Berlin Mitte.
I really loved the atmosphere as I first entered this lovely room.
Also their selection of brands convinced.
My highlight was the Collection of Isabell de Hillerin, which is a really simple, minimalstic one,
perfected by small details and fantastic fabrics. Silk is one of my favorite material and
she used it for a huge range of pieces. The dark grey summer coat combines all element together.
Only colour touch a powerful orange, which also is used in the Collection of Perret Schaad.
Noticeably, more colourful with an extensive colour pallet from red, yellow, nude, light green up to blue and grey.
Made from fluent fabrics, a Collection, which promises a wide spreading summer feeling for everyone.
I especially liked the cut up straw hats.
Reality Studio was the brand I really looked forward to discover.
They had a great offer of minimalistic, perfect-cut trousers, blouses and jackets, which I expected.
Their shoe collection showed a nice offer of unconventional designs.
Obvious, the powerful orange, which run like a common thread through all the Spring/Summer collections.
The Label Boessert/Schorn was a total new discovery for me,
which really won my heart with their woolen details in their jewelery.
Not the only brand, which focus on the cozy fabric.
Maiami, a Berlin based knit brand, made a summery collection composed of knitted shorts, tops and pants.
A cool alternative to all the other minimalistic brand, I love so much.

The great selection of Agency Arne Eberle was quite impressive and a great start.
Tomorrow I´ll go on with my highlights from Asos, FakePR and Haeberlein & Maurer.

Stay tuned.

all pictures taken by me,
please ask before using.

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