Monday, 7 October 2013

Day Crush: Ursina Gysi

picture: Citizens Couture
picture: The Sartorialist
picture: Harpers Bazaar
picture: Waynetippetts
picture: Tamu McPherson
picture: Tommy Ton
picture: Tamu McPherson
picture: modereporter.ch
picture: modepure.com
picture: lisalefteyeloeb.blogspot.fr
picture: thesartorialist.com
picture: style.com Tommy Ton

Sorry for these range of pictures but as I fell in love with this amazing individual and stylish Look of
Ursina Gysi I can´t stop watching pictures of Streetstyle shots of her.
But who is she actually?
First time that I saw her was during last Paris Fashionweek and already there
I was fascinated of her beautifulness and naturalness.
Than, I saw her again after Chloé Show in Paris and I captured her in a picture, which I already shared with you.
Assistant of Stylist Camille Bidault Waddington and Streetstyle-Star Ursina originally
from the Swiss mountains up in the Fashion heaven.
Girls, like her, are the reason I love Streetstyle.
People with natural style awareness and a touch of individuality detached from trends and fashion hypes.
I love her confidential mixture of hippie, vintage and design clothes that gives her
a really unique Look and her beautiful long hair is doing the rest to the perfection.
I could spend hours watching her Looks, they are so inspirational.
A real Streetstyle icon and not only a fashionable girl,
who can spend thousands of euros and buy expensive clothes to pay attention to oneself
as you can see especially during the Fashionweek Circus.
So, a huge compliment!

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