Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Danish Singer Oh Land just married

pictures taken from cover.dk

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about my own dream wedding. 
Maybe some of you girls doing the same.
It´s not that I want to marry at the moment but when you see pictures like these ones than your mind is going crazy. 
You may know the lovely danish singer Nanna Øland (Sun of a gun,White nights).
She and her husband Eske just married and I think you can see their happiness in the pictures.
She is really the most beautiful bride I´ve ever seen, because she looks so extraordinary and authentic.
Not only that her dress is amazing, her blue hair is suiting so good to the white of the dress
that she reminds on a fairyfrom the 20th or 30th.
We congratulate and wishing all the best.
And I taking inspirations for my own wedding in some years.

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