Thursday, 15 August 2013

New in from Copenhagen

Copenhagen is really a great city to go shopping.
Besides the highstreet brands like H&M, Zara and all the others, apart from the big streets
you can find small shops with a well-selected offer of cool scandinavian brands.
One of my first places where I go is the Acne Archive in Elmegade. This time I didn´t bought something
but I love it to discover and search for real treasures.
These few things I´ve bought are my new favorites.
Actually, I didn´t wanted to buy something at Cos, like every time, but a small stop et voilà, these three things
and a pair of light blue socks landed in my shopping bag and they turned out to a good investment.
Additionally, I must bought the latest issue of Cover Magazine with beautiful Kristin Liljegren on the Cover
and two small pieces from Hay for my boyfriend.
At least I brought my favorite sweets from Denmark, sweet liquorice, you definitely must try. It´s heaven.
Well, that is my haul and soon there will follow Outfit post with all the stuff and a preview of Cover Magazine,
which contains again soo nice editorials!


  1. Nice things, I need to buy new Cover issue.
    Your blog is so great, I'm following!

  2. Stay tuned, a preview from Cover magazine follows soon.
    Thank you so much, Maria!