Friday, 17 May 2013

Do or Don´t?
Mint Nail Polish.
Actually I like the colour in the picture, it seems like almost white but the Make-up-Artists by Rebecca Minkoff have chosen a fresh mint tone for the Runway.
I´ve already tried a version from &Other Stories but I didn´t bought it in the end.
Now, I think about it again; could fit perfectly to light summer evenings and pastel-coloured Looks.
Other trends for the summer 2013 are all kinds of pastel shades just as peach, rosé or nude but also metallic nail polish also available at &Other Stories.

source: http://www.vogue.de/beauty/beauty-trends/beauty-trends-sommer-2013/nagellacke-2013/rebecca-minkoff-00030h

1 comment:

  1. i like it! a clear yes.
    have a version from american apparel. think it s a little bit more mint than the picture ones. and yes, it fits perfectly to all the pastel things :)
    (and that says a usually luscious colors prefered one...)