Sunday, 28 April 2013

Summer Essentials 
After this short term of summer feelings I´ve got the urge to arrange a list of things I´ll really need to buy for summer, when it is coming again.

The Jumpsuit from Cos is just so practical because you never need to think about what to wear else, you have always a whole Outfit in one and that´s why I love to have this jumpsuit for summer.

Filippa K just launched an exclusive sunglass line. The glasses are limited on a small Collection so if you want them I would give you the advice to hurry.

Bionade - no summer in Berlin without Bionade. The best Lemonade of the world !

The Cotton Blanket from Cos will be perfect for afternoons and evenings sitting in the park and look so sweet with the little stitch detail on the side. I´m sure that will be really cozy pick-nicks.

I´ve already told you that I planned my first trip to Copenhagen this summer and of course therefore I need a Travel Guide to find all the nice places. I´m looking forward to sit outside and find out all the nice places while reading in the Guide from Dumont.

What could be also quite useful in summer time is this Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol Spray which can fresh up every sweaty body.

One more Essential for the summer is the Diana F+ Camera to capture the most beautiful moments of the best season of the year The pictures are always so pretty and I love it to collect my analogue photographies and to watch them the first time.

Last but not least, the Wood Wood Floral Backpack. Perfect for my roadtrip to Copenhagen, I guess.It´s not just beautiful but also practical because of the huge space in it.

After collecting my summer essentials I´m waiting still more for the real summer that stays for the rest of the season !

Hope you all have a nice Weekend.

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