Saturday, 6 April 2013

That Dress
Do you know that, when you fall in love with a piece but you don´t know an occasion where to wear it?
It´s the same with me and this dress. I simply loved it but couldn´t bought it because it´s just a little bit to elegant for the all days live and there isn´t a wedding or something similar in the next few months, which will be also a good event to wear it. And so, I couldn´t bought it but I still thinking on it...
Shall I buy it even if there is no occasion in the near future to wear it just to have it or shall I let it behind me?

Dress - Cos Sale 69€
buy it here

source: http://www.cosstores.com/Shop/Women/Sale/Pleated_front_dress/239674-6441711.1#c-6443039 


  1. hello! where are your shoes from?

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  3. The shoes are Reebok Classic white (: